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Earth-Rite RTR

Static grounding protection for Tanker Trucks

The new Earth-Rite RTR is the most advanced system for protecting personnel and plant assets from static hazards during tanker truck loading and unloading operations.

The Earth-Rite RTR utilises patented Tri-Mode Technology to provide safe and reliable grounding of the road tanker by ensuring:Earth-Rite RTR

  1. Positive and verified connection to a tanker truck.

  2. Verified low resistance connection to true earth (ground).

  3. A continuously monitored tanker to grounding point connection of less than 10 ohms for the duration of the product transfer process.

When these parameters are confirmed, the RTR permits the transfer of product. Any static generated on the tanker truck by the transfer process is immediately transferred to the verified grounding point.

The Earth-Rite RTR operates with a Universal Grounding Clamp and does not require any special equipment to be installed on tanker trucks. It may be used with all common types of Bulk Tankers without any special modifications. 

 Application Analysis



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Click on the image to see how the RTR uses patented Tri-Mode technology
to ensure the tank truck is securely grounded


Product Features


Explosion Proof enclosure: 

The new enclosure is a robust and lightweight (9.9 lbs) explosion proof enclosure with IP 66, NEMA 4X, 7 & 9 ingress protection rating.

The LED indicators are viewed through a window that is assembled to the enclosure lid.

Attention grabbing LED indicators.

When a positive ground condition is established three green LEDs pulse continuously throughout the transfer process.

This simple pulsing effect informs personnel that the system is continuously monitoring the condition of the ground connection.


Earth-Rite RTR

IP66 - NEMA 4X, 7 & 9


Patented Tri-Mode Technology:

Ensures the system only goes permissive (permitting product transfer) when the three parameters required for safe grounding of the tanker truck are confirmed.

This feature ensures the system cannot be activated by connection to parts of the tanker truck not electrically continuous with the truck's container or when the system does not detect a low resistance connection to true earth (ground).


System Options:

The Earth-Rite RTR can be supplied with a range of options that enhance the safety, installation and maintenance of Earth-Rite RTR systems:

  • Strobe Light.
  • RTR Tester. 
  • Retractable Cable Reel.
  • Mode Selector Key Switch

Hazardous location approvals:



cCSAus LogoIECEx ApprovedNEPSI LogoSIL 2 ApprovedATEX Approved

Ingress Protection:
IP 66 / NEMA 4X, 7 & 9.

Operating Temperature Range:
-13ºF to +131ºF

Power Supply
Selectable 110/120V or 220/240V AC, 50-60 Hz.
Selectable 24V or 12V DC.

Additional product data:

Additional product information and technical data can be viewed by downloading the product information and technical specification datasheets located at the top right hand side of this webpage.

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