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Cen-Stat™ Static Discharge Grounding Reels

VESM19 & VESM21 100 ft. / 30 metre static grounding reel

Newson Gale Static Discharge Grounding Reels are used to ground static charges on equipment during the transfer and storage of combustible fuel and other flammable liquids.

VESM19 and VESM21 features

The VESM19 reel is a spring operated retractable 100 ft. (30 mtr.) reel that features a latching mechanism to lock the reel in position when the grounding clamp and cable is payed out to the required length.

The VESM21 reel is a spring operated retractable 100 ft. (30 mtr.) reel that does not include a latching mechanism, enabling the cable to move freely when it is being payed out or retracted. The non-latching mechanism of the VESM21 is especially useful for grounding floating roofs on storage tanks.

The cable is made of stainless steel (SS 304) and is protected by a clear nylon coating.

Depending on the object to be grounded, the reels will be connected to objects requiring grounding protection with ATEX & FM approved X90 or X45 static grounding clamps. Where the VESM21 is permanently connected to objects an eyelet may be specified.



    100 ft / 30 metres cable
    Latching or non-latching

    mechanism to suit the application.

    Stainless steel cable

    with clear nylon coating.


    Static Grounding Reel Options
    • X45 Clamp
    • X90 Clamp
    • Latching or non-latching.


    ATEX Approved