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Bond-Rite® REMOTE EP

Externally powered self testing static grounding clamp

For process applications that require grounding for more than 6 hours per day, the Bond Rite REMOTE EP (Externally Powered) utilises 220/240V AC or 110/120V AC mains supply to power the monitoring circuit of each indicator station.

The Intrinsically Safe (I.S.) Ground Monitoring Circuit is provided by the power supply which can be located in both the ‘hazardous’ and ‘non-hazardous’ areas, with the indicator stations mounted in the zoned (classified) area.

When used in conjunction with the Newson Gale Universal power supply, up to 10 Bond-Rite REMOTE indicator stations can be powered simultaneously. This enables users monitor up to 10 items of plant equipment at risk of charging (e.g. drums) independently of each other.

An additional advantage of this configuration is that the power supply itself can be installed within the hazardous area. For more detailed information please refer to the ATEX / IECEx or CSA technical specification PDFs of the Bond-Rite REMOTE EP.



Provides option of bonding equipment

for processes that last 6 hours or longer, including processes that require continuous static earthing.

Highly visible LED

mounted in the indicator station ensuring operators know when low resistance connection is achieved with potentially charged equipment.

Tungsten carbide tips

bite through product deposits, vessel/drum coatings and rust to ensure proper bonding connections are made.

Stainless steel 2 core clamps

designed to withstand use in tough chemical processing and industrial environments.

10 ohms loop resistance monitoring

compliant with international Best Practice standards.


Bond-Rite REMOTE EP Options
  • Universal Resistance Tester.
  • Battery powered unit.
  • Stainless steel indicator station for corrosive or hygienic environments.
  • X90-IP clamp for use on drums and large containers.
  • X45-IP clamp for use on smaller drums and vessels.
  • 16ft (5m), 32ft (10m) or 50ft (15m) of Hytrel protected retractable spiral cable.



Ingress Protection


Operating Temperature Range:

-40ºF to +140ºF

Power Supply:

9V 220 - 240V AC or 110 - 120V AC. 50-60Hz
Certified for Zone 2 / 21 / 22 and over.

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