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White Papers on Static Control

This section contains in-depth technical information that enables you to research static control solutions for static hazards that may pose an ignition risk for your manufacturing and distribution processes. Feel free to download the articles provided below.

If you have any queries related to the items covered or wish to discuss other aspects of static hazards or static control, then contact us on the number provided in the top corner of your screen, e-mail us or use the Quick Enquiry form.

Published White Papers
Issue 30 Static grounding protection for Tank Cars.
Issue 29 Industrial Buyer's Guide to Protecting against the Ignition Hazards of Static Electricity.
Issue 28 IEC publishes guidance for the avoidance of hazards due to static electricity.
Issue 27 How to eliminate electrostatic charging of powder processing equipment.
Issue 26 Static electricity on hoses – causes, hazards and prevention.
Issue 25 One World one "Ex" Language?
Issue 24 Mobile Ground Verification for Vacuum trucks and Tank trucks
Issue 23 Is it ever Safe to use Plastic Drums in Hazardous Areas?
Issue 22 Static grounding protection guidelines for Tank Trucks
Issue 21 Standards based Benchmarks for controlling Static Electricity
Issue 20 Truck Mounted Mobile Static Grounding Verification System
Issue 19 Controlling Static Hazards In Combustible Dust Atmospheres
Issue 18 Controlling Static Electricity when handling IBC's in potentially hazardous atmospheres 
Issue 17 'Recommended Practice' makes sound business sense - How to avoid the real cost of non-compliance in Static Control
Issue 16 Grounding Clamps & Cables - Essentials for safety and reliability
Issue 15 Tank Truck Transfers - Our Safety Philosphy.
Issue 14 Choosing the correct flooring for hazardous/static sensitive environments.
Issue 13 The Evolution of the Standards.
Issue 12 New Mobile Bonding Systems.
Issue 11 ATEX Directive - The final deadline for compliance.
Issue 10 Stop Static ... Staying Safe at the Pump.
Issue 9 The Dangers of Earthing an already-Charged object.
Issue 8 Controlling Static Electricity in Powder Handling Operations.
Issue 7 What is antistatic? plus The Shocking Facts about Static in Liquids
Issue 6 How much have you been charged?  The possible accumulation of static electricity on people.
Issue 5 ATEX - European moves to increase safety in explosive atmospheres.
Issue 4 Testing Times - On-going Maintenance of Static Control Procedures and Equipment.
Issue 3 Self-testing static grounding clamp increases safety in hazardous areas.
Issue 2 Plastics and insulating materials - Containing the risk in hazardous areas.
Issue 1 Isolated Conductors - The hidden danger in hazardous areas.