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Earth-Rite® TELLUS

Static Grounding for Process Plant & Equipment

The Earth-Rite TELLUS II monitors static earth connections for a wide range of filling, blending and mixing applications.

The flexible and lightweight indicator station is easy to install, and can be mounted in a variety of locations within the hazardous area, with the power supply mounted in the local ‘non-hazardous’ area. If the TELLUS detects an abnormally high resistance in the static dissipation circuit it activates a pair of output contacts to halt the process or engage alarm systems.

Picture features indicator station with grounding clamp and cable. The power supply unit, which is mounted in the non-hazardous areas, is featured on the right hand-side of the picture.



    Continuously monitors clamp connection

    to equipment with a monitoring threshold of 10 ohms or less.

    Bright green grabbing LED

    provides positive indication to personnel.

    Ensures resistance to earth

    is 10 Ohms, or less, before process may begin.

    System Options

    Earth-Rite TELLUS Options
    • The Alternative earthing clamps or earthing connectors to suit all common applications.
    • Wide range of cable assembly lengths
    • IECEx / ATEX (European) and NEC/CEC (North American) versions available.


    Ingress Protection

    IP 66 / NEMA 4X

    Power Supply:

    115 - 230V AC, 50-60 Hz.

    ATEX Approved IECEx Approved SIL 2 Approved cCSAus Logo