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Case Studies

Amcor Flexibles invested Sole-Mate for their staff

Katey Bell from Amcor explains why…

"We print and convert polythene bags, it is vital that our employees wear anti static footwear. On a recent H & S audit we were asked "how do you know your safety shoes are anti-static" and I answered "because the supplier says they are".  "Not good enough" said the auditor "you need to prove they are".

So I contacted Newson Gale in November of last year and they supplied me with a Sole-Mate anti static testing station. One of the best investments I have made. Since its installation, I have tested all safety shoes that come onto site before they are passed onto our employees and found that 2 pairs of shoes tested negative even though the manufacturer has advertised them as being antistatic and they have the antistatic stamp on them. Makes you think doesn't it?

Since the tester has proven to be successful for our site the rest of the group have invested in a testing station, they knew it made sense."

Earthing at Esschem Europe

Esschem Europe based in County Durham (UK) manufacture a range of chemical products serving markets as diverse as dental, cosmetic and medical. Its finished products include UV curable gels, sanitisers, polish removers and primers.

As an integral part of the production process Esschem have to pump and mix potentially flammable materials, during these processes static charge will be generated which has to be safely dissipated to earth.

Bond-Rite at Esschem

It is because of this that Bill Troupe, Health and Safety Officer for Esschem Europe Ltd, decided to contact Newson Gale. Although Esschem already had standard earthing clamps and cables, and were aware of the need for good earthing and bonding, Bill was looking for a system that would give some form of indication that the earth connection had been made.

Following an onsite meeting it was decided that the Bond-Rite system answered all requirements. The Bond-Rite is a unique Self-Testing Static Grounding Clamp that provides enhanced safety and security by continuously testing the connection of the clamp to the container (Or other conductive item). The operator then looks for a flashing green LED that indicates a low resistance connection has been made and maintained.

Because of the length of each production run (8-10 hours) Bill decided that the best option was a hard wired Bond-Rite Remote, this system is designed specifically for hazardous area use and can be specified with a range of clamps to suit different applications.

Following the installation Bill explained some of the benefits of the Bond-Rite system “It has to be the easiest thing in the world to use and to instruct on how to use. The indicator can be seen from as far away as 50 yards. All said and done, we had been looking for an earthing and bonding equipment supplier. The Bond-Rite Remote system fits the bill perfectly. Very pleased!”

Bond-Rite clamped to a typical Morris Lubricant drumMorris Lubricants find the simple solution

Because of the potential for electrostatic discharge, the Health & Safety Executive advised Morris Lubricants, in Shrewsbury, to use a static monitoring device at the filling stage of some finished products.

To help them comply with these H&S recommendations, Newson Gale Ltd supplied

Morris Lubricants with 3 Bond-Rite self testing static grounding clamps – one for drum emptying and two for drum filling.

Mr Elwyn Evans, Works Engineer for Morris Lubricants who first contacted Newson Gale, confirms that the installation of the Bond-Rite (with the ability to continuously test it’s own connection and verify a static dissipation path) has meant increased safety to people and plant.

Given the high number of static related incidents that occur globally in the process industries, there is certainly a need for all responsible operators of production and distribution facilities, like Morris Lubricants, to proactively control the risk of static-caused ignition incidents.

Safetykleen use Newson Gale static earthing accessories

"Newson Gale Ltd has assisted one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of commercial spray gun cleaning equipment in the development of a machine based electrostatic discharge system.

Safetykleen, approached Newson Gale with the problem during the design stage of their latest commercial offering, the pneumatically operated Mk V spray gun cleaning machine, when it became apparent that the equipment would fall within the scope of the requirements of the impending ATEX 100a Directive 94/9 EC as Group II mechanical equipment.

SafetykleenOf special concern to Safetykleen was colour identification, corrosion of the bonding leads and security of the external earth connection. Newson Gale were able to recommend the use of their Green Hytrel covered steel cable to combat corrosion and also designed a simple tool operated clamp for connection of the system to the customers earth point, preventing accidental loosening whilst retaining the required electrical continuity of the system.

The discharge system has already been given the green light by BASEEFA 2001 who will be responsible for certification of the equipment according to the relevant European legislation.

Further information can be obtained by contacting Safetykleen direct:
Eur Ing Steven Ellis CEng MIEE, Special Project Engineer, Safetykleen
Tel: +44 (0) 1909 519354, Fax: +44 (0) 1909 519302, Email:

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